The Revere Farmers’ Market is New and Improved This Summer!

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The Revere Farmers’ Market is New and Improved This Summer

The Market Opens July 10th at the American Legion


REVERE-The City of Revere, MGH Revere HealthCare Center and Revere on the Move invite the community to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Revere Farmers’ Market in its new location in front of the American Legion Hall on Friday, July 10th from2:00pm-6:30pm. With a new location, new management, and new offerings, the 2015 Farmer's Market is set to become an integrated part of Broadway’s landscape.


The Farmers’ Market first opened in 2006 as part of a broader effort to revitalize Revere Beach. It has become a summer staple in its own right. The market’s move to the American Legion Hall on Broadway echoes that purpose, aiming to encourage more people to buy healthy foods while supporting local farmers. Programs include matching SNAP and WIC dollars, cooking lessons from local chefs and nutritionists, and providing discounts to local seniors will continue, as well as new offerings and a variety of different foods and merchandise to support the market.


Andie Janota, the Farmers’ Market Manager, is passionate about equitable nutrition and improving food systems. “Farmers’ Markets are an incredible way to provide fresh, local, and sustainably grown foods that are not only healthy for you, but also good for the environment,” said Andie. “It is a win-win for the community. We hope that putting the Farmers’ Market in such a central location will increase access to healthy foods, highlight the importance and relevance of a Farmers Market in communities, and promote small businesses in the surrounding area.”


The move to the American Legion Hall was made possible thanks to the support of Mayor Dan Rizzo who states “The Farmer’s Market on Broadway is another step in our efforts to revitalize and reenergize our central business district. We continue to see substantial changes along Broadway and this relocation will act as a catalyst for future growth and options for shoppers to return to our downtown.”


Community members and leaders in the city have given their stamp of approval for the changes being made, including City Councilor Stephen Reardon who praised the move to Broadway: “I am pleased that the Revere Farmers’ Market will be relocated this year to the American Legion lawn. The market is one more component to an increasingly vibrant central business district. In addition it will give our residents access to fresh produce to enhance their nutrition. I know that I'll be a regular customer.”


If you would like more information or would like to get involved, contact Andie Janota: (781)-286-8198, or