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Our Community

Geographic target area: Revere, Massachusetts is a rapidly growing and changing residential, coastal community with a population of approximately 51,755 (2010 Census). Located five miles north of Boston, Revere is home to a four mile long white sand beach that was the first public beach in the nation, and that has come to serve as a rallying point for numerous strength-based prevention activities for youth.

Target population: Although Revere CARES’ mission is to engage the entire community in its work, Revere’s youth are the Coalition’s primary target population. Young people under age 18 comprise 10,512or 20 percent of the city’s total population (2010 Census). The MA Department of Education reports an increasingly diverse student body in Revere of 44 percent White, (down from 91 percent in 1990), 42 percent Hispanic, seven percent Asian, four percent African-American, 3 percent Multiracial and less than one percent Native American. Revere students face significant challenges: 47 percent come from homes where the primary language is not English compared to the state average of 16 percent, and 11 percent have limited English proficiency and sixty percent of Revere students are eligible for free or reduced price meals (MA Department of Education 2010-2011). The Revere Public Schools (grade 9-12) drop-out rate is 4.6 percent which is close to twice the state rate of 2.9 percent (MA Department of Education 2009-2010).

Individuals targeted: Revere CARES directly targets 2977 middle and high school students and their parents (2010-2011 MA Department of Education data: 1378 middle school students and 1599 high school students).