Revere youth will amaze you!

Jan 23, 2013 Comments Off on Revere youth will amaze you! admin Recently students from the Power of Know Club at Revere High School participated in an activity where students "tagged" negative influences in their lives and made a commitment to be above them.


The purpose of the “Tag It” activity, which is part of the Above the Influence Campaign, is to increase teens’ awareness of influences in their environment and how influences may prompt them to make decisions – both positive and negative, healthy and unhealthy.  In particular, “Tag It” is focused on raising teens’ awareness of drugs as a negative influence in life, and in providing them with opportunities to discuss ways to avoid drug use and other risky behaviors.


During the activity students used a piece of paper with a graphic that says “I am” and that has the Above the Influence arrow.  This graphic means, “I am Above.” Students then worked together to creatively identify the negative influences they face in their lives.  


The Power of Know members did a fantastic job with this activity!
We invite you to look at the pictures.