Revere on the Move

Revere is a city on the move – growing and changing into a healthier community!

With the support of many community partners, Revere CARES created the “Revere on the Move” campaign to celebrate Revere’s progress and continue the work of creating a healthier community.

A community assessment in 2006 found that childhood obesity was a key concern among residents. Additional data backed up that concern, showing that children are eating fewer healthy foods, getting less physical activity in school, and spending more time in front of TVs and computer screens.  In response, Revere CARES created the Food & Fitness initiative, bringing together a collaboration of community residents and organizations committed to preventing childhood obesity and hunger. To meet these goals, the initiative works to:

     1.  Increase access to healthy foods and

     2.  Increase opportunities to be physically active


Want to help Revere become a healthier community?

If you’d like to get more involved in Revere on the Move, contact Sylvia Chiang, Food and Fitness Coordinator, at Revere CARES. Help keep Revere “on the Move” through membership on the Food & Fitness Task Force, working on upcoming events and activities, and other volunteer opportunities

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