Community Data

About the CCHI Evaluation and Research Team

The MGH Center for Community Health Improvement (CCHI) is committed to measuring outcomes for continuous quality improvement and program development. In order to assess if programs are making a difference, meeting the needs of communities, and efficiently and effectively carrying out goals and objectives, the CCHI Evaluation and Research Team evaluates programming and community wide initiatives.

Evaluation and research methods are guided by principles of community-based participatory research (CBPR). These principles are founded on the belief that the people who live in communities where research is conducted have the right to participate in the process of defining community problems, designing and implementing interventions and solutions, and evaluating outcomes. In the ideal case, the process is interactive, with information gained from research benefiting the community through program quality improvement or as data that leads to policy change. In turn, experience with the interventions informs subsequent research and evaluation activities. These research and evaluation methods truly define CCHI’s approach to addressing public health issues in the communities. Key principles for CBPR include: building on a community’s strengths and resources, collaborating and creating partnerships, ensuring all partners benefit mutually, co-learning, empowerment, and dissemination of knowledge to all involved.

Community Data

The following power point provides information on key health issues and concerns in Revere. This report summarizes publically available community health indicator data, such as community demographics, maternal and infant health, chronic disease, cancer, infectious disease, substance abuse, violence and mental health indicators, for Revere. The MGH Center for Community Health Improvement hopes the information provided in this report will be useful for others developing their own community health improvement processes or initiatives.

Revere Community Assessment 2012