Revere Farmers Market: July 11th to October 17th

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July 11th - October 17th
2:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.


 Bandstand  located on Revere Beach Boulevard,
across from the MGH-Revere HealthCare Center.  

Here is a report from Amanda Gourgue, the Farmers Market Manager, on the tasty items you can find at the Farmer’s market:
On June 20th, the Revere Beach Farmers Market had their soft opening. At first glance, I was taken back by the rainbow of colors, crimson strawberries and tomatoes, sunny yellow and deep green summer squash, crisp shades of bright green bib lettuce, and fresh sugarsnap peas. One of the vendors, Farmer Dave's, had tomato plants on display that were taller than me, along with a strawberry hanging plant. I didn't realize that a strawberry could grow that way.
Then there was the enticing smells of the fruits and soups. Fresh, just-picked strawberries were plump and juicy, with the scent of a strawberry pie just coming out of the oven. It was mouth-watering! The Soup Guy, had brought a delightful selection of soups, but the one that caught my attention was the Smoked Mushroom Corn Chowdah. A rare bacon-free corn chowder smelled of smoked mushrooms and I couldn't resist. Because I could buy it hot or frozen, I bought a hot soup for dinner and a frozen one to enjoy another day!
The best part about shopping at the Revere Beach Farmers' Market is getting home to eat everything I just bought! The sugar snap peas were so crisp and tasty the whole pint was gone in one sitting! I chopped the strawberries and had them for breakfast over a couple of days. They were bursting with flavor and made a great addition to my yogurt! The fresh summer squash made excellent grilling vegetables since they are firm, but I also sautéed them to marry the flavors of the other delectable I bought that day. At the next Revere Beach Farmers' Market, I'm making the friendly folks from Foxboro Cheese my next must-stop. They'll be there selling grass-fed beef and veal, then I will have a complete meal.
Revere Beach Farmers' Market matches SNAP/EBT and WIC dollars, which means that money, can go further in getting the fresh local fruits and vegetables. And if you have forgotten your tote bag or have bought more yummies than you expected, the Market has bags available for a small donation to the Revere Beach Partnership.
The next Revere Beach Farmers' Market will be held on July 11th at the recently renovated Wonderland T Station. Hope to see you there!