Thank You for a Successful Power of Action Pledge Drive!

Jan 29, 2015 Comments Off on Thank You for a Successful Power of Action Pledge Drive! admin Thank you for another great Pledge Drive!

In November and December, a total of 823 Action Parents participated in the Power of Action Pledge Drive. During parent conferences, staff and an amazing group of volunteers visited our public schools to talk to local parents. Parents committed to:

  • Talk to their children about not using alcohol and drugs

  • Enforce the consequences for breaking the rules

  • Join the Parent Network so they can

      • Receive info about substance use prevention, other health issues, and community updates

      • Have an opportunity to voice their concerns


This year, we focused on providing information about marijuana, due to the increased amount of attention and news devoted to this subject. If you would like an online copy, click here. This handout comes from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. If you'd like to explore more topics in order to talk to your children, their website is a good resource! Next week NIDA is celebrating Drug Facts Week, so watch for some great info!

Why this matters:

Parents are often cited the most important influence in a young person's life, according to studies. When parents talk to their children about making healthy choices, their children listen...even when it doesn't seem like it. And the earlier this starts the better! So we want to encourage parents by giving them some talking points and asking them to make the commitment to take an active role in helping their children make the healthy choice around not using drugs or alcohol.

Thank you! 

We could not do this without a community of parents eager to engage with their children to prevent alcohol and drug use, a school system dedicated to the health of their students and the support of the parents, and of course the community members who dedicated many hours to make this pledge drive happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We want to recognize those who helped us reach out to parents this year:

Revere Public School Students/Youth Zone (YZ)/Revere Youth in Action (RYiA):

Leandro Montoya

Cody Jeglinski

Nicolas Smith

Rohini Doshi

Kiana Ny (RYiA)

Molly Try (RYiA)

Vincent DeGregorio

Christopher Anderson

Frank Davidson (YZ)

Paul Bonetti (YZ)

Alexis DiPlatzi (YZ)

Revere Residents:

Carole Smith

Donna Carney

Cheryl Whittredge

Lanre Olusekun

Julie Lynch

Joe Ravesi

School Committee Members:

Carol Tye

Donna Wood Pruit

Susan Gravellese

City of Revere:

Diane Colella

East Boston Health Center:

Joanne Cataldo

MGH Revere HealthCare Center:

Jonina Gorenstein

Have a wonderful 2015! 


Many Thanks,

Revere CARES