Coalition Meeting, March 28, 2018

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Summary of Coalition Meeting #3, March 28, 2018


Debora Guimaraes- Youth Initiatives- Self-Care Fair on April 26, from 2:20-4:30 in the RHS gym

  • The purpose is to respond to youth's voice expressing very stressful lives. Fair consists of a diversity of resources that would help to address stress.

Dimple- City Healthy Community Initiatives and Revere on the Move

  • Summary of the Mass in Motion assessment; cause and effects statements were shared

  • Four priority populations identified: those living below the poverty level, Hispanic or Latino residents, those who speak a language other than English at home, RPS's low-income students

  • Looked into understanding the gaps in the community towards healthier living

  • Will need to pick 3 strategies to focus on

  • Community events coming up:

--May 18-19 Harmon Park community build- in need of volunteers

--Revere Runs 5K: Teams needed: run or walk---Sign up!

Presentation on Robert Putnam's Social Capital and Social Networks article

  • Most successful communities are those where everybody enjoys memberships in social networks and are connected to resources through trusted relationships and friendships

  • Successful communities are also civic and members are active and engaged in the choice of leaders and the shaping of laws and regulations

  • Negatives of social networks are when the norms and regulations of groups are discriminatory leaving some community members out- some are "in" while others are left "out"

  • Full Power Point: Social Networks- Revere CARES Meeting 2018


  • Questionable the conclusion of the article that population movements were irrelevant to success given the experience in Revere

  • Neighborhood organizations try to engage residents with meaningful activities that build pride around their space

  • No clear infrastructure in Revere to create social networks; lack of social spaces; leaders do not mirror residents; language barrier

  • New high school is planned to include new social spaces; Mayor is thinking on a community center

  • Civic engagement as measured by voter turnout has been low in Revere

  • There is a lack of education on the importance of local politics and immigration status is also an issue

Current program models of social networks for economic mobility implemented in Boston:

  • Union Capital

  • Family Independence Initiative

  • Will be meeting with representatives to learn more

Conclusion and next steps discussion

  • Tap into youth to motivate parents and others in the community

  • Do asset mapping of social networks and resources in the community to understand the gaps

  • Church facilitates formal and informal networks

  • Include someone from the library in the coalition group; have block street parties; an umbrella organization with resources; promote event through many venues

  • There will be a street festival city-wide in September


  • The coalition needs to revisit and reword mission statement and goals for the coalition