Recovery Month Events: Prevention Works, Treatment is Effective

Nov 17, 2011 No Comments ›› admin As September 2011 comes to an end, members across our community reflect on the
events that have taken place over the past few weeks as part of National Recovery
Month, an annual month of substance abuse awareness and remembrance that was
recently recognized by President Obama. In a momentous show of support for those
in recovery from substance abuse, over 450 Revere High School students participated
in the community’s first ever recovery walk. The walk took place on September 18th,
and was sponsored by three Youth Empowered for Success programs at Revere High
School: Power of Know, RHS Connect, and the Community Service Club. The walk also
served as the successful launch of the Above the Influence campaign at Revere High
School. This national campaign has been adopted and tailored for Revere schools by
Revere CARES in collaboration with student leaders at the high school. Students who
participated in the walk have enthusiastically embraced the Above the Influence message
which focuses on standing up to negative pressures and encourages youth to be who they
are without using any substances like drugs, pills and alcohol.

The walk was immediately followed by the 5th Annual Revere Beach Memorial, an event
that remembers those whose lives has been cute short by addiction. It is an opportunity
for family members and friends to gain strength and support from others who have
experienced a similar loss, and it gives hope to those who still struggle with addiction.
This year, 170 names were read, and more than 200 individuals were in attendance.
Funds raised at the Memorial will be donated to local substance abuse treatment
programs and will be used to continue the Memorial in the future.
The Revere CARES coalition would like to thank all those who contributed their time
and talents to these events, including: Lisa Mirasolo, Michael Bonanno and James
Sciarappa, three very devoted teachers from Revere High School; all of the student
leaders and volunteers who energetically took charge of the event registration and
other logistics for the Recovery Walk; and the dedicated members of the Revere Beach
Memorial Planning Committee.

Revere CARES aims to continue the Community Walk for Recovery and the Revere
Beach Memorial in the future in order to build awareness of how substance abuse impacts
our community. It is the Coalition’s hope that Revere’s youth can be substance free and
that individuals and families touched by addiction may receive the support they need to
recover and heal.


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