Youth Empowered for Success – Middle School Programs

Middle School Programs

Current research shows that students are now being exposed to and engaging in “risky” behaviors at an alarmingly younger age. The national youth risk behavior data shows that on average students are starting to use alcohol, tobacco and marijuana at 13 years of age. This national trend is not very different inRevere. To address this locally, the community has agreed that providing after school opportunities for middle school student is a top priority. This is important, since it is during afterschool hours that students are more likely to engage in risky behaviors.

In April 2011, YES introduced its first middle school based program, Power Of Know-Middle School (POK-MS) inRumneyMarshAcademy. In the future, we hope to expand  the student leadership and service learning opportunities that are only currently available at the high school to all the middle schools inRevere.

By mirroring the programs at the middle school level, we hope to create a seamless transition for students once they enter into high school.  We will be working towards this by giving middle school students the opportunity to  form mentoring relationships with older high school students, and be  involved in the programs so that once they reach high school they will have a good understanding of  the mission and purpose of the YES programs.

Please visit again for more updates on the expansion into the middle schools.