Youth Empowered for Success – Service Learning Programs

Service Learning Programs

The purpose of the Education in Community Action program is to enhance students’ knowledge of a specific field of work and to build on this knowledge by providing students with paid field related summer internships within the community. During the academic year, students join one of the following programs; Drama Guild, Health & Fitness, and the Future Teachers Club, to learn more in depth about one of these areas. While each program has adapted a unique way of instructing students, all programs introduce students to either various careers in the arts, health or education. The following is a more detailed description of each program:

 Health & Fitness:  The Health & Fitness program exposes and helps students to understand Health and Fitness Principles and Training. Students explore the effects of exercise on the body, motivation,  and choosing a successful fitness plan. Students also learn about the influences that the media plays in health and fitness, and each year students develop their own action plan to reach out to the rest of the school community.

Future Teachers’ Club: Affectionately known as just, The Program, among the student participants, the future teachers’ club assists high school students in exploring teaching as a career choice. The Club provides a realistic understanding of teaching and encourages students from diverse backgrounds to think seriously about the teaching profession.  Its mission is twofold:

-          To provide high school students with an opportunity to participate in an educational experience that will help them to explore the teaching profession in a variety of ways and to help students develop the strong leadership traits that are found in high-quality educators.

-          To provide middle school students with an educational and mentoring experience that will help them to successfully make the transition from middle school to high school.

Drama Guild:  The Revere High School Drama Guild is dedicated to the promotion and encouragement of student-based theater while providing leadership opportunities and life skills to all members of the Revere community.  Through involvement in theater arts, students develop confidence, social skills, and reinforce their academic lessons.  Students apply their knowledge in areas such as writing, interpreting scripts, blueprint reading, and performance.  In a standards based learning environment, activities such as these serve to strengthen and bolster students’ understanding and achievement of the goals of the MA ELA frameworks.  The RHS Drama Guild asserts the significant value of the arts; supports ethnic, racial, and gender diversity at RHS and in the surrounding artistic community; and promotes the voices and perspectives of students.